Becoming Green.

I need not covered sight from death, nor sheltered hearing from thruth. I feel nourishment being Vegan, I taste peace nature intends.

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Vegan Christmas

How did everyone go? Is everyone feeling ok?

Mine went alright, considering it’s my first vegan Christmas. Most people were respectful and understanding, my mother- who still baffles me considering she’s works in animal welfare and loves animals- was rude, unsupportive, made comments about my ‘plain’, ‘boring’, ‘yukky’, ‘freaky vegan food’, and tried making me feel guilty for not eating hers.

Oh and my nan and I had a tiff that left me in tears, because she now thinks I’m a bad mother who is malnourishing my daughter because naturally she’s vegan until she can decide otherwise.

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  1. mislandry answered: stay strong girl. you have made the right decision for your daughter. I plan on raising my children vegan and regardless of what some may…
  2. aherdofangryhippies said: I also had a terrible vegan incident with my family that left me in tears. People can be so cruel. It sucks that even your own family doesn’t respect the vegan lifestyle or have any curiosity about it-or at least, it sucks that mine doesn’t.
  3. harmonygarden answered: Sorry to hear about your family not being very supportive. My Christmas was kind of the same, ending in arguments about animals and food…..
  4. neonlexa answered: Unsupportive family/friends are the worst. I’m not to be in their faces about the meat/animal products they’re eating so why are they so rude
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